Friday, July 16, 2010

Tales of the Unread

In addition to Ronald Tierney’s touting on this page of Diva, by the pseudonymous Delacorta, today’s Web-wide crop of “forgotten books” includes recommendations of the following crime and thriller works: The Hundred-Dollar Girl, by William Campbell Gault; The DADA Caper, by Ross H. Spencer; Cogan’s Trade, by George V. Higgins; The Going Rate, by John Brady; The Tiger in the Smoke, by Margery Allingham; Murder on the Wild Side, by Jeff Jacks; Dead Man’s Bay, by Catherine Arley; Guilty Bystander, by Wade Miller; Of Tender Sin, by David Goodis; Gorky Park, by Martin Cruz Smith; South of Sulu, by George F. Worts; and The Hyde Park Murder, by Elliott Roosevelt.

For a full rundown of related posts, check out series organizer Patti Abbott’s own blog. You’ll find in that, as well, write-ups about four more books that no longer receive the attention they should, among them The Secret Lovers, by Charles McCarry.


Anonymous said...

Charles McCarry is one of my favorite authors. The Paul Christopher series is, at the very least, comparable to anything written by John LeCarre.

THE TEARS OF AUTUMN is my favorite book in the series perhaps because it presents a perfectly reasonable alternative to the explanation of the Kennedy assassination. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really do it alone?

No one will regret spending time reading Charles McCarry.


Craig said...

I don't know if you can really call GORKY PARK a forgotten book. It's certainly not as neglected as, say, the one you mention by David Goodis.