Wednesday, July 14, 2010

See the Book, Read the Movie

Here’s a very intriguing double feature. If you missed Stephen King’s novella Riding the Bullet, which was released originally as an electronic book in 2000, or even if you read this ghost story back then, you should note that the inventive Lonely Road Books has now packaged it--along with a new screenplay based on King’s story, written by Mick Garris--in a special double edition.

Even though my advance copy doesn’t include the two-color printing mentioned by Lonely Road (and Cemetery Dance) publisher Brian Freeman in his cover letter, it does at least come with the terrific wraparound cover art by Alan M. Clark.

But for anyone who has ever tried to compose a screenplay, the most interesting parts of this package are the storyboards, set photos, production notes, and hand-corrected script pages from Garris’ notebook.

The complete book, one of those turn-it-over twin items that the old Ace Doubles pioneered, comes out in October. Its retail price is a rather steep $75, but it would certainly make any crime and film buff’s Christmas Day.

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