Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Readings

The Rap Sheet isn’t contributing to today’s mix of “forgotten books” posts, but the series goes on nonetheless with the help of other bloggers.

Among this week’s crime-fiction picks are: The Long Saturday Night, by Charles Williams; Money to Burn, by Ricardo Piglia; Seven Slayers, by Paul Cain; The Habit of Fear, by Dorothy Salisbury Davis; The Hoods, by Harry Grey; Malay Woman, by A.S. Fleischman; The Small Hours of the Morning, by Margaret Yorke; The Greatest Crime, by Sloan Wilson; Plunder Squad, by Richard Stark; Mongoose, R.I.P., by William F. Buckley; Iron Lake, by William Kent Krueger; The Song Dog, by James McClure; Capture the Saint, by Burl Barer; Valediction, by Robert B. Parker; and Case for Three Detectives, by Leo Bruce. In addition, author Christopher Fowler--of Peculiar Crimes mysteries fame--has contributed a post to January Magazine about lost (and found) author Maryann Forrest.

Patti Abbott has a full list of today’s series participants in her own blog.

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