Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lonely Books Club

We end the month of July with a plentiful batch of “forgotten books” posts. In addition to Steven Powell’s write-up on this page about The Other Girl, by Theodora Keogh, postings around the Web today take in the following crime-related works: Even the Wicked, by Richard Marsten; Riotous Assembly, by Tom Sharpe; The Man Whose Dreams Came True, by Julian Symons; The Spoilt Kill, by Mary Kelly; Nightmare Alley, by William Lindsay Graham; It Couldn’t Matter Less, by Peter Cheyney; the T.D. Stash crime adventure series, by W.R. Philbrick; The Fifth Key, by George Harmon Coxe; Satan Is a Woman, by Gil Brewer; The Catskill Eagle, by Robert B. Parker; Pedigree, by Georges Simenon; and The Director, by John Gardner.

For a full listing of the unjustly overlooked works being touted, click over to series organizer Patti Abbott’s personal blog. There you’ll also find three more reading suggestions, including Ed Gorman’s endorsement of Someone Is Bleeding, by Richard Matheson.

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