Monday, July 12, 2010

Here We Go Again

Didn’t Republicans already learn that pushing to privatize Social Security was a spectacularly bad idea? Do they honestly think that reviving such an unpopular proposal will help the GOP (Gridlock and Obstruction Party) succeed in November’s midterm elections? Incredible ...

READ MORE:When Conservatives Believe Their Own (Misguided) Hype,” by Steve Benen (The Washington Monthly).


kathy d. said...

What a horrible thought--privatizing Social Security, when everyone who works contributes to this fund throughout their entire working life, and it belongs to them.

AARP's bulletin has a significant article about Social Security. They say 81% of the population does not want it privatized.

They also say that nearly 50% of women and 33% of men primarily rely on Social Security for their retirement income.

I hope this move by the GOP and rightwing politicians backfires and starts opposition like they couldn't even imagine. It's supposed that this move is meant to make Obama look bad.

Gram said...

They do not learn from the past - they are living there.

Rural View said...

Good old Republicans, always stuck in a rut. If it doesn't work, try, try, try, try again.