Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Things John D.

Compared with this week’s British book awards excitement, today is a rather lethargic news day. But at least I made two favorable
discoveries on the Web.

The first is a post in Leif Peng’s fine blog, Today’s Inspiration. It features some wonderful illustrations created by 20th-century American artist Thornton Utz for magazine stories written by the great John D. MacDonald. You’ll find that post here.

My second discovery was made through Peng’s site, too. It seems that ever since November of last year, Tennessee writer Steve Scott has been working on a blog called The Trap of Solid Gold (named after a 1960 short story), “celebrating the works of John D. MacDonald.” Some of you may already be acquainted with Scott’s posting efforts. I was not, but will be following them from here on out.

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