Monday, June 28, 2010

Which Best Represents the Decade?

Two weeks ago, we installed in the right-hand column of this page a silver-shaded poll to identify the Best Mystery/Crime Novel of the Decade (2000-2009). The six possible answers to that survey came from Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine’s new list of Barry Award nominees in a category of the same name. We were interested to know what The Rap Sheet’s particularly astute readership thought about these nominees--whether one of them was a clear winner, or none of them really deserved to be called the “best of the decade.”

At midnight tonight, we are finally going to take down that poll, and then tomorrow we will announce the names of the top vote-getters. So you only have until the end of today to make your preferences known. Feel free to vote for more than one book if you’d like, or suggest an alternative novel in the Comments section of this post.

Just don’t wait long to do it!

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