Friday, June 04, 2010

Past Tense? Or Just Tense?

When I implied in my recent post about the thriller 61 Hours that protagonist Jack Reacher seemed to be dead at book’s end, I neglected to take into account the amazing staying power of author Lee Child. A short new note on Child’s Web site reads:
Does Reacher survive the explosive ending of 61 Hours? You bet your sweet bippy!

Are we going to tell you anything more about the story of Worth Dying For? Not yet we’re not.
OK, Jack. But couldn’t you at least have called the lovely Susan Turner in Virginia? Or is Worth Dying For (due for release in Britain in September, and in the States in October) about an earlier Reacher adventure?

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Bill Cameron said...

I think we can all be confident Lee would never go down the Zombie Reacher path, nor the Jack "Edward Cullen" Reacher path. Not even the Beeell "Reacher" Compton path.