Sunday, June 27, 2010

Naming Noms

Put on your critic’s caps, everyone. The editors of Crimespree Magazine are seeking nominations for this year’s Crimespree Awards. You are invited to choose as many as five mystery or crime novels in each of three categories:

Favorite Book of the Year
Favorite First Book of the Year
Best Book in an Ongoing Series

All novels must have been published in 2009.

Send your picks to The deadline is August 1. Winners will be announced during opening night ceremonies at Bouchercon in San Francisco (October 14-17).


Eric Beetner said...

I've heard from a few people that the email listed bounces back. Anyone else have that?

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I see that Crimespree editor Jon Jordan has changed the e-mail address in his own notice about these nominations (
crimespree-awards.html), so I shall change it here as well.

Thanks for the alert.