Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Case You Didn’t Know ...

• Italy residents Michael G. Jacob and Daniela de Gregorio, who together compose historical mystery novels under the pseudonym Michael Gregorio, are interviewed by J. Sydney Jones in his Scene of the Crime blog. During their exchange, Jones asks the authors how they became interested in penning stories set in 18th-century Prussia. Their answer, in part: “So, how did we end up (mentally) in Prussia? Well, Daniela had an idea for a short story about the Prussian philosopher, Immanuel Kant, and his valet, Martin Lampe. I suggested that we expand the story into a full-length novel, and we started writing it together. At that point we had to learn about a country that had been, literally, ‘forgotten.’ Prussia was once an independent king­dom with a unique sense of national self­hood, and a long and glorious history.” Read more here.

• Meanwhile, Lisa Unger talks with Murderati contributor Alafair Burke about her latest novel in paperback, Die for You.

• There’s a new trailer making the rounds, promoting Peter Robinson’s 19th Detective Inspector Alan Banks novel, Bad Boy (Morrow).

• My own father died in 2003, so I’m not inclined to think about Father’s Day anymore. But Janet Rudolph has posted a short list of Father’s Day mysteries in her blog, surmising that some dads might like to receive one or more of these books this coming Sunday, June 20.

A perfect addition to the libraries of Saint fans?

• Casting itself as the party of BP only complicates the Republicans’ chances for success during this November’s U.S. midterm elections.

• Manitoba, Canada’s Whodunit? Mystery Bookstore is The Drowning Machine’s independent bookshop of the month.

• Donna Moore surveys the crime-fiction-related events scheduled as part of Scotland’s Edinburgh International Book Festival in August.

• Unpublished New Zealand author Donna Malane has won the NZSA Pindar Publishing Prize for her thriller, Surrender.

• And there are casting changes in the works for CSI: Miami.

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