Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cops Out

Following his previous weekend-long celebrations of The Saint and Sherlock Holmes, The Tainted Archive’s Gary Dobbs is now deep in the midst of a tribute to TV cop shows from both sides of the Atlantic. Already posted are pieces applauding Columbo, Fabian of the Yard, The Andy Griffith Show, Starsky & Hutch, 77 Sunset Strip, The Professionals, and Sheriff of Cochise. Also included in Dobbs’ package is an interview with a real-life law enforcer, Paul Bishop, who--in addition being an author and blogger--is also in charge of the LAPD’s Mission Division Special Assaults Unit. Bishop lists his favorite small-screen cop series and talks about which he thinks have been the most realistic.

Click here to keep up with the series, which will continue through Sunday.

As an addendum to Dobbs’ project, writer Evan Lewis has posted a full episode of 77 Sunset Strip (starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) in his own blog. Titled “ The Widescreen Caper,” that ep was originally broadcast on October 14, 1960, during the show’s third season.

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