Sunday, May 09, 2010

Whatcha Packin’ There, Missy?

Recently, I wrote a post about choice crime novels that are due for publication over the coming summer months. To illustrate it, I used what I thought was a beautiful photograph of a topless young woman with her back to the camera--and a pistol concealed above her bikini bottoms. I didn’t think anything more about that, until a reader signing himself (or perhaps herself?) simply as “R.L.” sent me another shot, showing a similarly callipygous lass, this one wearing a midriff-baring shirt and provocatively abbreviated jeans shorts, with an equipment belt into which she’s stuck a pistol of her own. I think of it as the redneck version of the previous image.

Not wishing to withhold anything from The Rap Sheet’s discerning readership, I am posting that new shot here. Enjoy!


Charles Ardai said...

10 more and you have a calendar.

kathy d. said...

Oh, what thrills for women readers!

This can get kind of redundant after awhile.

How about having a handsome guy's photo, striking a bold pose?

Austin Carr said...


Doug Riddle said...

You got guts brother, I'll give you that