Friday, May 07, 2010

Turning Back the Pages

This being Friday, the blogosphere is once more awash in “forgotten books” write-ups. Among today’s recommendations, there are a number of crime-fiction picks, including: Epitaph for a Loser, by James T. Doyle; Mall, by Eric Bogosian; The Living Shadow, by Maxwell Grant; A Great Day for Dying, by Jack Dillon; Released for Death, by Henry Wade; Mum’s the Word for Murder, by Brett Halliday; Antler Dust, by Mark Stevens; Modesty Blaise, by the recently deceased Peter O’Donnell; Roseanna, by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö; Gideon’s Day, by J.J. Marric; The Twisted Thing, by Mickey Spillane; and Slight Mourning, by Catherine Aird.

Series organizer Patti Abbott hosts three more books worth rediscovering in her own blog. Look there, too, for a complete list of today’s participating writers.

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