Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Question of Identity

This being the 151st anniversary of Arthur Conan Doyle’s birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, it seems only fitting to revisit his most famous character, private inquiry agent Sherlock Holmes.

I had intended to embed this YouTube video in The Rap Sheet, but the coding is inconveniently unavailable. So you’ll just have to click over to YouTube to watch. The video, entitled The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes, was produced in 1985 and looks back at the various actors who, over the decades, have portrayed Holmes and his faithful chronicler, Dr. John H. Watson, on the large and small screens. The film is hosted by Christopher Lee, who during his career played both the Great Detective and his brother, Mycroft Holmes.

Another interesting video is one I did post in The Rap Sheet, back in 2007. It’s a rare bit of film footage showing Conan Doyle himself, shot in October 2928 for Movietone News. The author appears in the garden of his Windlesham estate, accompanied by his Irish terrier, Paddy.

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