Friday, May 14, 2010

Meanwhile, in Other TV News ...

With the news of Law & Order’s cancellation having finally been officially confirmed, Salon has put together a a slideshow of the series’ “10 greatest clichés.”

READ MORE:Law & Order Cancelled by NBC After 20 Seasons,” by Richard Huff (New York Daily News); “Gunsmoke’s 20-Year Record Intact” (Television Obscurities); “Why It’s Good That Law & Order Is Over,” by Allison Waldman (TV Squad).

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AndyDecker said...

It seems a shame that they didn´t break the record.

Funnily the character I will miss most is Leslie Hendrix´ ME Rodgers. Sure, she wasn´t an important character, but she was fun. And I thought her more convincingly as the whole army of fictional pathologists out there :-) And even a lot of the literary ones, come to think of it.