Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finishing the Fest

Although I did what I could to stay up-to-date with news coming out of CrimeFest in Bristol, England, I wasn’t on hand for the festivities. Other bloggers, though, were there in the thick of things. So if you’re looking to get a real feel for what went on during that four-day convention, you ought to search out their reports.

Let me direct you first to Shotsmag Confidential. Ayo Onatade contributed a series of fine reports to that blog over the last few days. Meanwhile, Peter Rozovsky wrote about a number of the workshops for Detectives Beyond Borders. Euro Crime’s Karen Meek filed a trio of very brief posts, too (see here, here, and here). And I’m hoping that Martin Edwards, who told us about setting off for CrimeFest last Thursday, will follow up with at least a short piece about his experiences there.

If you spot any other postmortems on this year’s CrimeFest, please drop a note containing the URL into the Comments section of this post.

READ MORE:CrimeFest 2010” and “CrimeFest Panels,” by Martin Edwards (‘Do You Write Under Your Own Name?’); “CrimeFest Update,” by Stanley Trollip (Murder Is Everywhere); “CrimeFest: The Lost Weekend,” by Donna Moore (Big Beat from Badsville); “The Curzon Group at CrimeFest 2010,” by Leigh Russell (The Curzon Group).


Pauline Rowson said...

Wrote a short piece and have posted some photos on my blog about Crimefest.

Martin Edwards said...

Thanks, Jeff. I will be doing more posts about Crimefest during the course of this week.