Friday, April 23, 2010

Misplaced Mysteries

In addition to Jim Napier’s recommendation on this page of Murder Fantastical, by Patricia Moyes, the blogosphere today offers write-ups about a number of other “forgotten crime novels,” among them: A Body for McHugh, by Jay Flynn; The Spotted Panther, by James Francis Dwyer; Detection Medley, edited by John Rhode; Heller: The Oil Rig, by Frank Roderus; The Judas Goat, by Robert B. Parker; Yellow Dog Party, by Earl Emerson; Justice, Inc. (The Avenger #1), by Paul Ernst; and Waste, by Eugene Marten. Also up for consideration is a non-fiction work: Science and the Detection of Crime, by C.R.M. Cuthbert.

To locate a full selection of today’s forgotten books posts, click on over to Patti Abbott’s blog. You will find there as well three more novels (including Lovers Are Losers, by Howard Hunt) that would be worth your looking up sometime.

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