Friday, April 02, 2010

A Little Dusty But Still Commendable

There are plenty of excellent reading opportunities contained in today’s Web-wide selection of “forgotten books.” In addition to David Thayer’s endorsement on this page of Pete Dexter’s Train, the crime-fiction-related works include: Mum’s the Word for Murder, by Brett Halliday; The Wave Hangs Dark, by Alan Dipper; The Judas Window, by Carter Dickson; The Long Shadow, by Celia Fremlin; The Mouse in the Mountain, by Norbert Davis; Gold Mine, by Wilbur Smith; The Falcon Strikes, by Mark Ramsay; a look back at Paul Savoy’s Blackie Savoy adventures; and a work of crime-related criticism, Deadlier Than the Male, by Jessica Mann.

Series organizer Patti Abbott has a full roster of this Friday’s participants in her own blog, plus a few additional must-reads, such as Sleep with Slander, by Dolores Hitchens.

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