Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Pillar to Post

• For his 55th CrimeWAV.com podcast, Seth Harwood has recruited a contingent of contributors to the new, third edition of The Lineup: Poems on Crime. Works by James Sallis, Wallace Stroby, David S. Pointer, David Hernandez, James M. McGowan, Henry Chang, and others are featured. Listen to the episode here.

• Thanks to a lead from Cover Junkie, I just discovered a very entertaining new blog called Dedicated to Ditzy Wallflowers. Pseudonymous proprietor Snidely Whiplash demonstrates a
dexterous hand in Photoshopping hilarious text of his own onto exemplary old book covers and advertisements. Check it out here.

• Since today marks my (wow!) 19th wedding anniversary, the video clip embedded on the left, taken from the classic Flintstones animated TV sitcom series, seems entirely appropriate to include here.

• Who knew this is also National Weed Day? Not me, that’s for sure.

• After posting helpful lists of “Man on the Run Films” in various genre categories and “Man on the Run Films” with urban settings, the Mystery*File blog now offers David Vineyard’s fine rundown of “Couples on the Run Films.” Consider this an opportunity to add to your Netflix list.

• No, Spock, say it isn’t so!

• Disappointed with some of the artwork offered in Vertigo Crime’s line of graphic novels, blogger Dan Wagner of My Life in Crime has put together a list of his favorite crime comic illustrators.

• Production of the 23rd James Bond film, which was originally planned for release later this year or next, has been “suspended ... indefinitely.”

• Bond fans will just have to content themselves with new books about Ian Fleming’s Agent 007 being released soon by DK Publishing.

• Meanwhile, even before its fourth season begins on June 3, USA Network has already ordered two more seasons of the spy action drama Burn Notice, starring Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar.

A little adult leadership is what the Republican Party needs.

Actress Barbara Hale is only familiar to me because of her role as secretary Della Street on the long-running TV series Perry Mason and in the Mason teleflicks that followed. I was completely unaware that she was quite the hottie in her younger days.

• Is this really the episode of Dragnet “with the least amount of action”?

• Interviews worth reading: Cullen Gallagher talks with Duane Swierczynski, Philadelphia author of the newly released novel Expiration Date; Julia Buckley grills Chicago writer Michael Harvey about his incorporation of real-life events into his fiction, his almost “sinister vision of the Catholic Church,” and his new book, The Third Rail; Paul D. Brazill interrogates Charlie Williams (Stairway to Hell); and novelist-blogger J. Sydney Jones chats up the very popular Jacqueline Winspear (The Mapping of Love and Death).

• Oh, boy, just what the world really needed: another addition to the Law & Order TV franchise, this one titled Law & Order: Los Angeles. It’s set to debut on NBC in the fall.


Gerald So said...

Happy anniversary, Jeff and Jodi. Thanks for mentioning CrimeWAV 55, Jeff. Hope you enjoy.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Happy anniversary, Mr. P!

Paul D. Brazill said...

Happy Anniversary JKP!

And thanks for the hat tip.