Friday, March 12, 2010

Can Your TBR Pile Ever Really Be Too Tall?

The weekly recommendations of “forgotten books” just keep on coming. In addition to Mike Lewis’ endorsement on this page of Swag, by Elmore Leonard, other crime and thriller novels being touted today include: The Soft Arms of Death, by Richard Hayward; Sabotage, by Cleve F. Adams; I Wake Up Screaming, by Steve Fisher; John Macnab, by John Buchan; Sudden Departures, by Jonathan Ross; Seven Suspects, by Michael Innes; The Port of London Murders, by Josephine Bell; and Dirtmouth, by Alan Singer. Montana blogger Chris La Tray also offers up a non-fiction work that should interest crime-fiction fans: Evidence: NYPD Crime Scene Photographs, 1914-1918, by Luc Sante.

Series organizer Patti Abbott helpfully provides a full list of this Friday’s participants in her own blog, plus a couple of additional recommendations. One of those is Batman vs. Three Villains of Doom, by Winston Lyons, a work that--until now--I thought only still existed in one of the boxes of books from my childhood.

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