Friday, January 22, 2010

More Resurrected Reads

This is a split week, as far as posts about “forgotten” things go. At organizer Patti Abbott’s suggestion, some of the series’ usual contributors have decided to highlight forgotten musical works. Others, however, are sticking with the customary practice of celebrating older books that deserve renewed attention.

In addition to Ace Atkins’ post on this page about The Drowner, by John D. MacDonald, today’s selection of underappreciated crime, mystery, and thriller novels includes: The Strange Story of Linda Lee, by Dennis Wheatley; Street 8, by Douglas Fairbairn; The Purple Zombie, by Kenneth Robeson; The Man Who Didn’t Fly, by Margot Bennett; L.A. Requiem, by Robert Crais; Nightwork, by Irwin Shaw; and, in tribute to Robert B. Parker’s passing, Early Autumn.

Abbott has the full tally of this week’s participating writers in her own blog, plus a couple of additional books worth finding, one of which is Robert J. Randisi’s Bat Masterson novel, The Ham Reporter.

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Evan Lewis said...

Great review! I've read a lot of McGees, but sure don't remember this one.