Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Books Are Always in Style

It’s Friday again, time for another education in crime-fiction publishing’s history, courtesy of all those contributors to the weekly “forgotten books” series.

In addition to Jeri Westerson’s review on this page of The Body on the Bench, by Dorothy B. Hughes, today’s other touted titles include: The Nebraska Quotient, by William J. Reynolds; Suddenly at His Residence, by Christianna Brand; The Window with the Sleeping Nude, by Robert Leslie Bellem; The Death of a Joyce Scholar, by Bartholomew Gill; Flash Casey: Hard-boiled Detective, by George Harmon Coxe; Campus Doll, by Edwin West; Portraits of Murder, edited by Alfred Hitchcock; Suspects, by David Thomson; and not one, but two considerations of Harry Whittington’s 1958 novel, The Web of Murder, by Mike Dennis and George Kelley.

Series organizer Patti Abbott offers a full list of this day’s participants in her own blog, plus other books worth rediscovering, among them Milton T. Burton’s The Sweet and the Dead.

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