Friday, January 08, 2010

Forward Into the Past

With the series’ holiday hiatus now over, the blogosphere is alive once more with “forgotten books” choices. In addition to Cathi Unsworth’s Rap Sheet write-up about I Was Dora Suarez, today’s crime-fiction recommendations include: Simon Lash, Private Detective, by Frank Gruber; Pomeroy, by Gordon Williams; The Final Affair, by David McDaniel; The Blotting Book, by E.F. Benson; The Case Files of Dan Turner, by Robert Leslie Bellem; Murder in Miniature and Other Stories, by Leo Bruce; The Black Stage, by Anthony Gilbert; The Yakuza, by Leonard Schrader; and The Chinese Bell Murders, by Robert van Gulik.

Series organizer Patti Abbott offers a couple of other picks in her blog, plus a full list of today’s contributors.

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