Thursday, November 19, 2009


It was 10 years ago today that The World Is Not Enough--the 19th James Bond film and the last one of the 20th century--debuted in movie theaters. Although World is probably not counted among the series’ best pictures, The HMSS Weblog has a whole list of reasons why it was a significant installment.

My own two favorite things about The World Is Not Enough were the absolutely fantastic boat chase through London’s waterways (plus the onshore excitement that followed), and the “Bond girl” appearance by French actress Sophie Marceau (who--despite being a criminal sadist--was soooo much hotter here than Denise Richards).

Just for fun, I’ve embedded one of this movie’s trailers above. The line in it that makes me chuckle every time comes from Michael Kitchen: “His only goal is chaos.” Given the pyrotechnics in this and other Bond features, I can’t help wondering whether he’s describing Bond’s adversaries ... or Agent 007 himself.

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