Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Off Hour

Last night, the U.S. TV network NBC began the experiment of handing over its 10-11 p.m. prime-time hour to longtime Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Nobody knows yet whether this decision will be a hit or a miss. But as The Rap Sheet pointed out last year, it means NBC is eliminating a slot for scripted weeknight programming that’s brought us some memorable crime-fiction series in the past. Click here to read about the shows we wouldn’t have seen, had Leno owned that hour over the last four decades.


ccqdesigns said...

I watched part of Jay Leno last night, and it was so bad, I had to turn the TV off, fast!! I picked up a book and went to be to read. Much better.

Dave Lewis said...

I was surprised to hear NBC had the lowest ratings of the major networks last season. I watched them more than the others. Now I won't. Guess America and I have different tastes.