Sunday, January 04, 2009

10 Again

Talk about slipping in just under the wire! Kerrie Smith, the Australian author of the Mysteries in Paradise blog, recently asked her readers to submit--by today, January 4--lists of their 10 favorite crime novels from 2008. Since I didn’t have the time or space to talk about that many books in January Magazine’s recent two-part selection of crime-fiction reads from last year, I decided to submit my own top-10 list to Smith’s blog. The following books are arranged alphabetically, rather than in order of my preference:

The Black Dove, by Steve Hockensmith
The Black Tower, by Louis Bayard
Child 44, by Tom Rob Smith
Dancing for the Hangman, by Martin Edwards
Fatal Lies, by Frank Tallis
The Dawn Patrol, by Don Winslow
Killing Frost, by R.D. Wingfield
A Quiet Flame, by Philip Kerr
Second Violin, by John Lawton
Stratton’s War, by Laura Wilson

Honorable mentions: A Pale Horse, by Charles Todd; Death Was the Other Woman, by Linda L. Richards; A Vengeful Longing, by R.N. Morris; Moriarty, by John Gardner; Lie Down with the Devil, by Linda Barnes; and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, by John McFetridge.

Other readers’ lists at Mysteries in Paradise can be found here.

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