Friday, November 07, 2008

How Do They Do It?

I’m amazed at how prolific some bloggers can be, at least so far as producing posts on a weekly basis as contributions to Patti Abbott’s Friday “forgotten books” series. I, meanwhile, have had to turn to a succession of noteworthy contributors, in order to keep the suggestions going here at The Rap Sheet. But I think that has been a good solution, and certainly many excellent choices have been made through this method.

In addition to David Fulmer’s choice, on this page, of William Campbell Gault’s The Bloody Bokhara, other nominations of unjustly forgotten books being made around the crime-fiction blogosphere today include: The Saint in New York, by Leslie Charteris; The Unquiet Night, by Patricia Carlon; Fat City, by Leonard Gardner; Fear and Miss Betony, by Dorothy Bowers; Crockett on the Loose, by Brad Lang; The Secret of Terror Castle, by Robert Arthur; and three books by Alaskan crime writer Stan Jones. Patti Abbott features a couple more picks on her own Web site, plus a full list of today’s participating bloggers.

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