Friday, October 17, 2008

Feel the Love

In addition to Linwood Barclay’s endorsement of Marathon Man, other “forgotten books” being heralded across the crime-fiction blogosphere today include: Iron Lake, by William Kent Krueger; Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties, edited by David Madden; Maigret Takes the Waters, by Georges Simenon; A Shrine of Murders, by C.L. Grace; Stolen Woman, by Wade Miller; Embrace the Wolf, by Benjamin M. Schutz; West on 66, by James H. Cobb; and The Dying Alderman, by Henry Wade.

Forgotten books promoter Patti Abbott has a couple of other write-ups on her personal Web site coming from Chris Ewan (The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris) and Andrew Pyper (The Killing Circle), plus a rundown of all of today’s participating bloggers.

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