Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rippin’ It Up

As of this writing, author-critic Mike Ripley’s latest “Getting Away with Murder” column doesn’t yet have a link from the front page of Britain’s Shots e-zine. But since we have read it already, and are feeling particularly generous, let us provide you with that link here. In Ripley’s latest compilation of news, gossip, and wit, he skewers Barry Forshaw’s Rough Guide to Crime Fiction for what it doesn’t include, applauds octogenarian authors for their new works, remarks on the “comic-strip editions” of eight Agatha Christie novels (huh?), and champions what he expects will be a fine but ignored new “western mystery” from Thomas Eidson, Souls of Angels. (Well, not ignored completely: I just ordered a copy.)

Ripley is a clever soul, and his monthly maunderings are invariably worth spending a few minutes reading (preferably, by the pool).

As I said, the page can be found here.

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