Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Neddie Nominees Named

Crime Down Under’s Damien Gay today broadcasts the longlist of nominees for Australia’s 2007 Ned Kelly Award. The contenders are:

Best Crime Fiction:
The Undertow, by Peter Corris (Allen & Unwin)
Spider Trap, by Barry Maitland (Allen & Unwin)
Without Consent, by Kathryn Fox (Macmillan)
Undertow, by Sydney Bauer (Macmillan)
A Knife Edge, by David Rollins (Macmillan)
The Murderers’ Club, by P.D. Martin (Macmillan)
The Unknown Terrorist, by Richard Flanagan (Picador)
The Tesla Legacy, by Robert G .Barrett (HarperCollins)
Hit, by Tara Moss (HarperCollins)
Chain of Evidence, by Garry Disher (Text Publishing)
And Hope to Die, by John Clanchy and Mark Henshaw (J.M. Calder) (Penguin)
Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta, by Marshall Brown (Random House)
The Mother, by Brett McBean (Hachette Livre)
The Lady Splash, by Kirsty Brooks (Hachette Livre)
The Night Ferry, by Michael Robotham (Little, Brown)
Vale Byron Bay, by Wayne Grogan (Brandl & Schlesinger)
The Cleaner, by Paul Cleave (Random House)

Best First Crime Novel:
The Betrayal of Bindi Mackenzie, by Jaclyn Moriaty (Macmillan)
Behind the Night Bazaar, by Angela Savage (Text Publishing)
Diamond Dove, by Adrian Hyland (Text Publishing)
Equinox, by Michael White (Scribe)
Upshot, by John Trigger (Zeus)
Blood on a Blue Line, by Steve Steve Caple (Blue Sword Press)
The Cleaner, by Paul Cleave (Random House)
Prismatic, by Edwina Grey (Hachette Livre)
Carnies, by Martin Livings (Hachette Livre)
Better Dead Than Never, by Laurent Boulanger (C&C International Media Group)
The Curer of Souls, by Lindsay Simpson (Random House)

Best True Crime:
After Port Arthur, by Carol Altman (Allen & Unwin)
Sick to Death, by Hedley Thomas (Allen & Unwin)
Things a Killer Would Know, by Paula Doneman (Allen & Unwin)
My Brother’s Keeper, by Charles Miranda (Allen & Unwin)
Australian Outlaw, by Derek Pedley (SlyInk)
Girls Like You, by Paul Sheehan (Macmillan)
The Dodger, by Duncan McNab (Macmillan)
Intractable, by Bernie Matthews (Macmillan)
Inside Madness, by Melissa Sweet (Macmillan)
Written on the Skin, by Liz Porter (Macmillan)
The Maria Corp Case, by Carly Crawford (HarperCollins)
Done Like a Dinner, by Sandra Harvey Jennifer Cooke (Media 21 Publishing)
Overboard: The Stories Cruise Ships Don’t Want Told, by Gywn Topham (Random House)
Killing for Pleasure: The Definitive Story of the Snowtown Murders, by Debi Marshall (Random House)
Silent Death, by Karen Kissane (Hachette Livre)
Cold Blooded Murder, by Malcolm Brown (Hachette Livre)
Justice for the Dead, by Malcolm Dodd and Beverly Knight (Hachette Livre)
The Australian Crime File 2, by Paul B. Kidd (Five Mile Press)
The Beat, by I.J. Fenn (Five Mile Press)

The “Neddies,” as these awards are known, are awarded by the Crime Writers Association of Australia. Gay adds that this longlist “will be trimmed down before The Age Melbourne Writer’s Festival in August/September when the Ned Kelly Awards will be awarded.”

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