Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here’s Your Fix

The proliferation of Web sites and blogs where you can read new crime fiction, or read about crime fiction, has been staggering in the last few years. Just look at the links column on the right-hand side of this page to get an idea of what’s available--and that is by no means everything. Yet still, new offerings pop up, including what looks like a healthy contender in this competition for computer readers’ attention: the UK-based Pulp Pusher.

Issue #1, “Both Barrels,” includes interviews with Irish writer Ken Bruen (Cross) and the suddenly ubiquitous Scottish novelist Allan Guthrie (Hard Man); short stories by Ray Banks, Cathi Unsworth, and Paul McGoran; and a win-a-free-book solicitation for stories to help fill out the next edition of Pulp Pusher. I don’t know yet who’s behind this venture, but he or she already promises to deliver a non-fiction piece from Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai (aka Richard Aleas) and short fiction from Todd “Big Daddy Thug” Robinson the next time around.

Just try a sample, see what you think ...

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