Thursday, December 21, 2006

Down and Down These Mean Streets ...

Just over a week since my post regarding ABC-TV’s plans to update private eye Philip Marlowe in a forthcoming new series, Maxim Jakubowski offers up more details/speculations about the project in The Guardian:
According to [Chorion honcho Phil] Clymer, an ongoing dialogue has been taking place with Elliott Gould, who starred in Robert Altman’s 1973 version of The Long Goodbye, with a view to the actor possibly reprising the part as an older and possibly none-the-wiser Marlowe walking the backlit streets of modern California. Gould still refers to his character in Altman's film as “my guy”.

It’s certainly an intriguing prospect as Altman and Gould’s take on the classic private dick was both idiosyncratic and individual and divided Chandler fans and critics alike.
I can already picture the heads of Long Goodbye haters exploding at this prospect.

Jakubowski adds, “I have also heard of a further feature film project, with a possible Clive Owen as the eponymous detective, in which the action returns to the 1940s period of the books. A mouth-watering prospect indeed.”

(Hat tip to Bill Crider.)

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