Friday, September 22, 2006

What Does Bubba Say?

The translation of book to film can be a painful one for an author. It’s understandable. Watching the story that grew in their minds and hearts brought to life by a business notorious for its heartlessness can be disappointing, just for starters.

So it’s fun to hear that Steve Brewer is enjoying the process of watching Lonely Street, the first of his Bubba Mabry mysteries, come to life.

Brewer reports that he spent a couple of days last week on the set of Lonely Street. “I’m a big movie fan, so it was a blast to watch a crew in action. Everyone was really nice to me, the gawking visitor.”

The film version of Lonely Street is being directed by Peter Ettinger (The Phoenix) and stars Jay Mohr as Bubba, Robert Patrick as Mr. Aaron, Lindsay Price as Felicia, and Joe Mantegna as Jerry Finkelman.

Brewer isn’t surprised that “the script differs from the book in some ways, but I think I’ll be pleased with the final product.” Filming is nearly completed, but Brewer thinks that with at least a few months of post-production work and the magic of talks of distribution deals, we might be well into 2007 before the movie is ready for screening.

Lonely Street was first published in 1994. With the seventh Bubba Mabry book, Monkey Man, being published this October, Ettinger and company will have a lot to draw from if their film is a hit.

“All in all, a terrific experience, so far,” says Brewer, “having my book made into a film. I recommend it.”

Bubba sez, “Hey.”

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