Saturday, September 16, 2006

Connelly Hits the Funny Pages

It seems like we’ve been waiting for Michael Connelly’s The Overlook for a long time. (The Rap Sheet first reported on it back in June.)

But the wait is finally over. This original, 16-part novella was commissioned by The New York Times Magazine as part of the Times’ “Sunday Serial,” the lead item in the magazine’s “Funny Pages” section.

According to a press release sent out by The Times:
“The Funny Pages” includes “The Strip,” exclusive full-color weekly strips featuring stars of the graphic novel; a new comic by Seth, whose credits include the ongoing series, “Palooka-Ville,” makes it debut. The non-fiction humor column, “True-Life Tales,” also continues.
Originally scheduled to begin running in August, we’re glad we don’t have any longer to wait. Though how will we be able to cool our jets for 15 weeks to get to the end of this latest Harry Bosch tale?

Part one of The Overlook will appear in the print edition of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, but is available online now.

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