Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Keeping Things Short

The Short Mystery Fiction Society has announced its nominations for the 2024 Derringer Awards, in four categories.

Best Flash Story (up to 1,000 words):
“Sleep Rough,” by Brandon Barrows (Shotgun Honey,
September 2023)
“The Referee,” by C.W. Blackwell (Shotgun Honey, October 2023)
To Whom It May Concern,” by Serena Jayne (Shotgun Honey,
January 2023)
“Teddy’s Favorite Thing,” by Paul Ryan O’Connor (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2023)
“Supply Chains,” by Andrew Welsh-Huggins (Black Cat

Best Short Story (1,001-4,000 words):
“Denim Mining,” by Michael Bracken (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine,
May/June 2023)
“Dogs of War,” by Michael Bracken and Stacy Woodson (from Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir Volume Four, edited by Michael Bracken; Down & Out)
“Last Day at the Jackrabbit,” by John Floyd (The Strand, May 2023)
“I Don’t Like Mondays,” by Josh Pachter (Mystery Magazine,
July 2023)
“Judge Not,” by Twist Phelan (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine,
May/June 2023)
“A Tail of Justice,” by Shannon Taft (Black Cat Weekly #114)

Best Long Story (4,001-8,000 words):
“Hard Rain on Beach Street,” by C.W. Blackwell (from Killin’ Time in San Diego, edited by Holly West; Down & Out)
“Reversion,” by Marcelle Dubé (Mystery Magazine, April 2023)
“Back to Hell House,” by Nick Kolakowski (Vautrin, Fall 2023)
“Troubled Water,” by donalee Moulton (Black Cat Weekly #75)
“It’s Not Even Past,” by Anna Scotti (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2023)
“Good Deed for the Day,” by Bonnar Spring (from Wolfsbane: Best New England Crime Stories, edited by Christine Bagley, Susan Oleksiw, and Leslie Wheeler; Crime Spell)
“Ignatius Rum-and-Cola,: by Andrew Welsh-Huggins (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, January/February 2023)

Best Novelette (8,001-20,000 words):
“Vengeance Weapon,” by James R. Benn (from The Refusal Camp: Stories by James R. Benn; Soho Press)
“Mrs. Hyde,” by David Dean (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine,
March/April 2023)
“The Case of the Bogus Cinderellas,” by Jacqueline Freimor (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, July/Aug 2023)
Madam Tomahawk, by Nick Kolakowski (A Grifter’s Song Book 29, Down & Out)
“Catherine the Great,” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (from WMG 2023 Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories, edited by by Kristine
Kathryn Rusch)

The Derringer Awards take their moniker from the long-popular small handgun. SMFS members will choose this year’s winners, with the results to be posted on May 1.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

On behalf of the thousand plus list members of the SMFS, thank you for the recognition. We appreciate it.