Archive Sites

Sadly, blogs and Web sites disappear periodically, their authors tiring of the work that goes into writing these resources or keeping them up to date. Many other such enterprises, however, are allowed to go fallow, not vanishing but no longer receiving the attention they once did. Below are a few sites we enjoyed in their heyday, and think continue to be of interest, even in their dormancy.

The Abbott Gran Old Tyme Medicine Show!
At the Scene of the Crime
Battered, Tattered, Yellowed & Creased
The Big Click
Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine
Black Mask
The Bloodstained Bookshelf
Blazing! Adventures Magazine
Books ’n’ Bytes
British TV Detectives
The Broken Bullhorn
A Case of Murder
Celebrating Reginald Hill
Chalk Outlines in Snow
Classic Mysteries
Classic Mysteries Podcast
Classic Paperback Reads
Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
The Consulting Detective
The Corpse Steps Out
Crime Always Pays: Declan Burke
Crime Beat Street
Crime Down Under
Crime Pays
Crime Scraps Review
Crime Thru Time
Criminal Brief
Deadly Diversions
Detectives Beyond Borders
DJ’s Krimiblog
Dot Dead Diary
The Drowning Machine
Ed and Edgar
Ed Gorman’s Blog
Escape and Suspense!
Existentialist Man
Fair Dinkum Crime
Film Noir of the Week
Hard Feelings
Heath Lowrance’s Psycho Noir
Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room
I Am a Tie-in Writer
Independent Crime
In GAD We Trust
The Ingenious Game of Murder
In So Many Words ...
International Crime Authors Reality Check
It Couldn’t Happen Here ...
It’s a Crime! (or a Mystery ...)
It’s a Mystery
It’s Criminal
James Bond Memes
Jen’s Book Thoughts
JJ Gittes Investigations
The Lady Killers
The Lazy Scholar
Life, Death and Fog
Little Known Gems
Lost in Books
Main Title Heaven
Matt Paust’s Crime Time
The Men Who Explain Miracles
Mr. Hardboiled
My Place for Mystery
Mysterious Matters: Mystery Publishing Demystified
Mysterious Musings
Mystery*File Archives
Mystery News
My Year in Crime
Neat, Clean, Shaved & Sober
1947 Project: Los Angeles De-Mythified
Noah’s Archives
Northern Crime
Not the Baseball Pitcher
Off on a Tangent
Old Bones
The Outfit
Picks by Pat
Plots With Guns
Poe’s Deadly Daughters
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
Pulp Den: Earl Norman and Burns Bannion
Pulp Flakes
Pulp Serenade
The Raymond Chandler Web Site
Read Me Deadly
The Reader Is Warned
The Ringer Files
Scandinavian Crime Fiction
Scene of the Crime
Scott D. Parker
Seattle Mystery Bookshop
Six Word Stories
Tart City
A Thriller a Day
Thrilling Tales
Tipping My Fedora
To the Batpoles!
Two-Fisted Tales of True-Life Romance!
Vintage Hard-boiled Reads
The Violent World of Parker
Web Mystery Magazine
The Writer in the Gutter

Please drop us a line if any of these links no longer work.

A final appeal: Don’t kill your blog or Web site! By doing so, you only create dead links from other sites. If you must stop writing online, please just let your work sit as it is without further updating. Place a notice at the top of your blog or other Web page, informing readers that you’ve gone temporarily or permanently out of business, but that they can continue to check back on your existing material in the future. Readers and researchers will appreciate your consideration.