Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Henshall Sheds “Shetland”

This is unfortunate news, from The Killing Times:
Shetland has now—quietly and assuredly—become one of the BBC’s marquee, long-running crime series. The beloved show is about to drop its seventh series, but something else has dropped today (Wednesday 20th July) … a real bombshell: star Douglas Henshall has quit the series.

Speaking with the
Radio Times, Henshall—who plays DI Jimmy Perez—said: “After series five of Shetland, David Kane and I decided we wanted to do two more series to complete the story of Jimmy Perez. So series six and seven were commissioned together to give us time to wrap up Perez’s story to a satisfactory end.”
You can learn slightly more about all of this here.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

This is horrible news. He is SHETLAND as far as I am concerned.