Friday, December 03, 2021

The Decoder Elaborates

Some time ago, British blogger Rekha Rao, of The Book Decoder, posted a compilation of what she said were her favorite cozy mysteries, general mysteries and thrillers, police procedurals, and more from the last 11 months. I thought that was all she had to offer. But now Rao is back with detailed selections covering “The Best Cozy (Series) Debuts of 2021,” “The Best Cozy Mysteries of 2021,” and a general list of “The Best Series and Author Debuts of 2021.”

It’s unclear how many more breakdowns of 2021 “bests” Rao is planning to post, but judging by her original overview, she could be at this endeavor for another week or longer. Stay tuned.

READ MORE:Best Books of 2021: Police Procedural” and “Best Books of 2021: Thrillers,” by Rekha Rao (The Book Decoder).

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