Thursday, May 30, 2013

Firsts From the Fest

CrimeFest 2013 opened its doors earlier today in Bristol, England. Sadly, I won’t be attending that much-heralded mystery- and thriller-fiction convention, though my name will evidently be uttered somewhere along the line: a collection of 20 trivia questions about Donald Hamilton’s Matt Helm espionage thrillers that I put together recently will feature in the con’s Criminal Mastermind Quiz.

Fortunately, there are other bloggers attending, and I hope to provide links from this page to some of their reporting over the next three days. Stanley Trollip, one of the two authors behind the Detective Kubu Bengu series, has already filed his first post for Murder Is Everywhere, and Peter Rozovsky of Detectives Beyond Borders has commenced penning what should be a succession of posts from Bristol.

Tomorrow night is set to bring the announcement of who has won this year’s Dagger in the Library Award (the contenders are here), and four other prizes will be handed out on Saturday, June 1, during a “gala dinner” (click here to see the shortlists of nominees).

I’ll try to stay on top of these doings, even if from afar.

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