Sunday, September 16, 2007

Galley Kitty Moves On

Since 2005, Sarah Weinman’s idiosyncratic voice has reverberated through Galley Cat, the self-proclaimed “first word on the book publishing industry.”

Last Wednesday, though, Weinman announced that she was leaving the galley to editor Ron Hogan in order to pursue other interests:
In other words: after two years, thousands of posts, scores of parties and readership that's more than quadrupled since Ron and I took over GalleyCat in October 2005, it's time to see what's out there beyond the publishing industry's idiosyncratic, mercurial and fascinating borders.
Weinman, who is a January Magazine contributing editor, will continue to helm her own blog and contribute columns to the Los Angeles Times and The Baltimore Sun. In addition, she plans to “spend more time on neglected matters: fiction-writing, my own crime fiction-centric site, or making some use of that forensic science degree after all.”

Good luck, Sarah! We’ll be watching you.

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Sarah Weinman said...

Thanks much, Linda - I'm looking forward to what comes next!