Thursday, October 05, 2006

Did We Miss Bill Crider’s Birthday?

I figure we must have done. What else would explain the shiny new camera he’s been pointing at everyone who will stand still for it? We noticed because, for the last few weeks, Crider (A Mammoth Murder) has been adding video clips of authors and others to his usual mix of cultural commentary over at his Pop Culture blog.

Look for recent clips of Sarah Weinman, Al Guthrie, Max Allan Collins, Chris Aldrich, Ken Bruen, Charlaine Harris, Lee Goldberg, Dusty Rhoades, Nancy Pickard, Randall Hicks, Meg Chittenden, and even a panel at Houston’s Murder by the Book featuring Joe Lansdale, Jason Starr, and Donna Moore.

And, for the record, the birthday question was rhetorical and somewhat in jest: The Rap Sheet knows that Crider’s birthday is actually July 28.


Unknown said...

And next year I'll be expecting a card!

Linda L. Richards said...

Hey, hey: a card. But why not a cake?

Seriously though, Bill: how did this happen? Where'd the camera come from all of a sudden? You sure do seem to be having fun with it! Sharing the wealth, too.

Graham Powell said...

He was waving it around at ConMisterio, too. It's actually perfect for a quick stand-up interview. I wish I had one!