Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Pursuing Justice in the Jungle

Author Anthony Horowitz is definitely making the most of his rising renown. Having already brought to the TV screen an adaptation of his 2016 whodunit, Magpie Murders, and with a six-part version of its 2020 sequel, Moonflowers Murders, expected to premiere sometime later this year, Horowitz has embarked on what sounds like a very different TV project, according to In Reference to Murder:
Nine Bodies in a Mexican Morgue, MGM+’s upcoming original mystery thriller series, created and executive produced by author Anthony Horowitz (Magpie Murders), has set its full ensemble cast. In addition to previously announced Eric McCormack, the ensemble cast includes David Ajala (Star Trek: Discovery) as Zack; Lydia Wilson (The Swarm) as Sonja; Peter Gadiot (Yellowjackets) as Carlos; Siobhán McSweeney (Derry Girls) as Lisa; Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Tourist) as Travis; Adam Long (Happy Valley) as Dan, and Jan Le (The Capture) as Amy. Nine Bodies in a Mexican Morgue revolves around a plane carrying a small group of passengers, crew and pilot, that crashes in the Mexican jungle. All the bodies are recovered and placed in a morgue, but it turns out that only one of them died in the crash. The other passengers were murdered afterwards, each one in a unique way. But by whom? And why?
Wikipedia says that the filming of Nine Bodies, which is planned for a six-part run, began earlier this spring.

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