Sunday, March 10, 2024

Preparing a Tracy Revival

Here’s a bit of unforeseen news, from the entertainment site CBR:
In 1931, Chester Gould introduced comic strip readers to a trench coat-clad, fedora-wearing, intrepid police detective named Dick Tracy. Tracy’s hard-nosed sense of justice, colorful collection of rogues, and inventive gadgets captured the imagination of readers and allowed him to step out into other mediums, like comics, toys, and films. The character continues to be a presence in comic strips, but his last major appearance in other media was the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film directed by and starring Warren Beatty.

This year Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, and Chantelle Aimée Osman, the holders of the Dick Tracy comic book rights, are looking to change all that with the launch of an all-new, ongoing
Dick Tracy series from Mad Cave Studios. The book, written by Segura and Moreci and featuring art by Geraldo Borges, launches in April and will be a noir-tinged “Year One” approach to the character. CBR spoke with Segura and Moreci about their series’ late 1940s setting and their plans for Dick Tracy’s iconic collection of villains and supporting characters.
CBR’s Dave Richards goes on to ask Moreci and Segura about what Tracy means to them; their decision to begin the series in 1947; which classic Tracy supporting characters they intend to include (Tess Trueheart fans, listen up); and much more.

(Hat tip to In Reference to Murder.)

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