Saturday, March 16, 2024

A Toast to Their Triumphs

Blogger B.V. Lawson shares this recent news:
Congratulations to Philip Wilson, winner (“A Recipe for Stovies”), and also to runner-up Elisabeth Ingram Wallace (“The Strange Sheep of Greshonish”), in the annual Glencairn Glass Crime Short Story Competition. Glencairn Crystal, the maker of Glencairn Whiskey Glass and sponsor of the McIlvanney and Bloody Scotland Debut crime writing awards, also sponsors this contest that seeks crime short stories in collaboration with Bloody Scotland and Scottish Field magazine. This year’s theme was “A Crime Set in Scotland.”
The Glencairn Glass competition organizers explain that “Philip Wilson’s winning story will be featured in the May edition of Scottish Field magazine (available from 5th April) and Elisabeth’s story will be published on Scottish Field magazine’s website ... Both stories will be available for reading here ... starting 9th April.”

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