Monday, September 18, 2023

What I’ll Do for Free Merch

Generally, I abhor having photographs taken of myself. But at Bouchercon in San Diego earlier this month, I promised Kevin Burton Smith, the creator and editor of The Thrilling Detective Web Site, that I would pose for a shot and post it here in exchange for him giving me one of the T-shirts he brought with him to that convention commemorating his site’s 25 years in business.

Thanks, Kevin. And here’s to your page’s next quarter-century!


Art Taylor said...

Such fun! I felt privileged to get one as well—and to finally meet Kevin in person!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Looking good sir!

Wish I had been there. Though, at my magnificent 5X beef steak size, a shirt would probably not happen.

Kevin Burton Smith said...

Shirt, schmirt. I’m trying to read the titles of the books behind you… Thanks, Jeff.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Hey, Kevin: I'm standing in front of some of my home's many shelves of historical non-fiction. -- Cheers, Jeff