Monday, September 19, 2022

An Onscreen Revival of NoirCon

NoirCon is a biennial convention that won’t take place this year—online, rather than in person—until the end of next month. But already, the recipients of its three 2022 prizes have been announced. Those honors will be given out during the October 21-23 virtual event, together with three prizes that were not presented in 2018, due to that year’s convention in Philadelphia being cancelled. (There was no 2020 NoirCon, either, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The six prizeinners are listed below.

2018 Awards
David Goodis Award: Walter Mosley
Anne Friedberg Award for Contributions to Noir and its Preservation: Dana Polan
Kogan Award For Excellence: Geoffrey O’Brien and Max Rudin

2022 Awards
David Goodis Award: Megan Abbott
Anne Friedberg Award for Contributions to Noir and its Preservation: Sarah Weinman
Kogan Award For Excellence: Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini

According to the NoirCon Web site, this year's three-day symposium will celebrate noir “in all its artistic incarnations with live and pre-recorded events, including panel discussions, award ceremonies, author talks, art exhibitions, movie screenings, and more.” It adds that 2022 sessions “will be held on the Accelevents platform. An all-access pass covering the entire conference is $36. Registration includes access to the Accelevents platform for 30 days after the event, so attendees can re-watch events or catch up on panels they missed.” For more information, click here.

(Hat tip to The Gumshoe Site.)

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