Tuesday, August 09, 2022

PaperBack: “Musk, Hashish and Blood”

Part of a series honoring the late author and blogger Bill Crider.

Musk, Hashish and Blood, by Hector France (Avon, 1951). Coincidentally, France (1837–1908) was born in France, became a soldier in Algeria, and later served as an officer of the revolutionary Paris Commune before being deported in 1872. Afterward, France re-created himself as a writer, turning out a variety of books, most famously Sous le Burnous (1886), a collection of tales about life among the peoples of North Africa. Sous le Burnous was translated into English by British academic Alfred Allinson and released in 1902 as Musk, Hashish and Blood.

Cover illustration by Raymond Johnson, the subject of a fine new video presentation hosted by Rubén “DaCollector” Azcona.

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