Sunday, July 03, 2022

Foul Play for the Fourth

Who knew there were more than 90 mystery, crime, and thriller novels incorporating the United States of America’s Independence Day, July 4? That’s how many adult-level books appear in Janet Rudolph’s updated list, posted recently in Mystery Fanfare. Everything from Harold Adams’ The Fourth of July Wake and Meg Chittenden’s Dead on the 4th of July to Kassandra Lamb’s A Star-Spangled Mayfair, Clyde Linsley’s Die Like a Hero, Carolyn Hart’s Yankee Doodle Dead, and Nancy Coco’s Oh Say Can You Fudge is cited. Rudolph includes, as well, short stories, children’s mysteries, and one true-crime yarn associated with this national holiday. Something for most every taste, it seems.

If you are an American, let tomorrow be your opportunity to celebrate the rights and freedoms you’re granted by citizenship—before Republicans try to steal more of them away!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your column but the politics sour me. You seem to be ashamed to be an American.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I am certainly NOT ashamed of being an American; my family traces its roots all the way back to Virginia's 17th-century Jamestown colony.

But I am absolutely ashamed to be represented by some of the short-sighted, bigoted, narcissistic, and sexist folks who have sat, and who do sit, in U.S. lawmaking positions and on our various courts. Our laws should represent the interests of the majority of Americans, not a misguided, self-interested minority.


Howard said...

I am on your side, Jeff!

E. Ellis said...

I am so sick of the ignorant that continue to use arguments such as labeling people as "haters of America" or "ashamed of America" to quiet those that make valid points with valid criticism.

There is definitely an erosion of true American rights and liberties going on right now, which is clearly evident with the wall of the separation of church and state being ripped down before our faces, women being told what to do with their own bodies, and the continued erosion of voting rights.