Thursday, May 06, 2021

Ripley’s Disclosed Relocation

Don’t go looking for Mike Ripley’s latest “Getting Away with Murder” column in Shots; you won’t find it there. As he explains, “This is due to the main website having been hi-jacked by interweb pirates (probably Russian) and sailed into the Bermuda Triangle, or whatever it is happens in these cases. As you may have gathered, I am no expert when it comes to modern technology, but those who claim to be assure me that normal service will soon be resumed.”

Ripley’s rich May trove of crime-fiction tidbits includes notes about William Le Quex’s largely forgotten 1906 spy novel, The Invasion of 1910; Vera Caspary’s classic psychological suspense yarns with domestic settings; new paperback covers for Len Deighton’s early thrillers; fresh fiction from Tom Bradby, William Shaw, Jo Spain, Andrew Taylor, and others; and a good deal more besides.

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