Saturday, January 30, 2021

“The A-Team” Goes Vaudeville

It was 38 years ago tonight—on Sunday, January 30, 1983—that the first regular episode of The A-Team aired. I was never a fan of that NBC-TV action-adventure series, even though it starred George Peppard (whose performances in Banacek I had very much enjoyed) and was co-created by Stephen J. Cannell (who’d also been behind The Rockford Files and City of Angels). Still, I have found plenty of laughs in mash-ups between The A-Team’s outrageous opening title sequence and other programs, including this one with Star Trek.

But none of those has been as outright funny as a video I discovered on YouTube, recasting The A-Team with The Three Stooges. The results are embedded above. Just try not to crack a smile as you watch.


dj said...


Craig said...

I would watch this show.

Rick Robinson said...

ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy or Marx Brothers.! So, no, thank you!.